What the Heck Do You Do with a Peck (of Apples)?

It is FALL in Washington, DC! I am taking full advantage of the autumnal celebration and by spending the first sub-80-degree day at an apple orchard. At this orchard (on Poverty Hollow Lane, a place that sounds like the location to the newest Jordan Peele film...glad we left right before the rain started) I came away with a "peck" of apples.

This peck =

  • $10.71
  • 10(ish) lbs
  • 20 apples of varying sizes

Besides preventing scurvy, what the H*CK am I going to do with this peck? It took me 15 days, but I figured it out:

Day 1After eating 3 apples at the orchard, I started dubiously adding apples to every meal. Meal #1: Chicken Quesadilla + Apples

Day 2: Spent $50 at the grocery store, mostly on other groceries, but also on ingredients to make apple muffins. Had to get creative because I (apparently) don't own a muffin tin.

Day 3: Ate three of my muffin loafs. Also, used an apple in my cheddar chicken quesadilla for lunch tomorrow because #fiscaladulting.

I took to the dating apps to see if I could get some creative ideas and/or recipes. So far, nobody has responded and one boy blocked me.

Day 4: Brought my cheddar chicken apple quesadilla and two muffin loafs to work. Consumed everything before 1pm. Did not make any further progress on the peck of apples. Also forgot that I bought strawberries two days ago that need to be eaten immediately.

Day 5: No progress made on the apples. There were apples in the $12 salad I ate for lunch. I am a little ashamed.

Day 6: Finally finished all of the apple loaves, still no progress on the peck. I need to get back on Google.

Day 7: Chowed down on an apple as a pre-flag-football game snack. It did not help lead us to victory.

Day 8: Put apples in my infamous cheddar apple and chicken quesadilla. With a second burst of motivation I hope to meal prep and use apples as part of that prep.


Day 9: My lunch tasted like apple-goat cheese sauce with walnuts and sausage ravioli but looked like something the cat coughed up. I had to eat it in front of my coworkers through a working lunch. Sorry, guys.

Day 10: When will I get asked to be on the Greatest British Baking Show? I'm becoming a real baker over here. 2 more apples down, demolished in a portable apple pie goodness with the assist from a can of rosé.

Day 11: Found 3 oranges in my bag for lunch today. A synapse must have snapped and forgot the game I'm trying to play. So, no progress today.

Days 12&13: Nothing exciting to report, except we lost an apple somewhere. Hopefully one of my roommates ate it (which I said they could/should) but I also think it would be cool if there's a magic apple waiting to be found in my apartment.


Day 14: Some of the apples are starting to go bad. Decided to throw as many as would fit in our largest tupperware and soak it in wine for a classy housewarming party for tonight. Stay tuned for my six-apple sangria recipe.

UPDATE: The six-apple sangria recipe requires six apples, four bottles of wine, and as much apple cider as you feel like. It was good.

Day 15: My roommate (she's closest to 30 so she's automatically the most responsible) found the muffin tins, so I was able to use the last 3 apples to make some muffins. I made them with whole-wheat flour and half as much sugar, but now they only taste half as good.


Although I ended on a lack-luster note, I'm glad to have used almost the whole peck.


APPLES USED: 18.5/20

One went rogue, and half of one went bad. I was able to rescue the other half and soak it in wine.


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