Welcome to my side-hustle

In January of 2019 I moved across the country from Tucson, Arizona to Washington, DC. Living in the epicenter of the Western World is an amazing experience. I am exposed to new ideas every day and I get to make the Capital my playground--catch me on Thursday nights playing kickball by the National Monument.

The culture of DC is inspiring. Everyone is moving and grooving to better not only themselves, but the world. A movement that has grown is the "side-hustle." Some re-charge scooters for an extra dollar, some work at the Smithsonian to educate young minds. Everyone has a side-hustle, either to pay the bar tab or cultivate a passion project.

Work with me!

Let's talk ideas, especially if you're trying to write a beer commercial for the Super Bowl. I have many ideas. If you aren't trying to write commercials, we can still talk.