How to Take a Mental Health Day

Saying "my meds just aren't doing their job today" isn't cutting it for me. Not entertaining enough.

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What the Heck Do You Do With a Peck (of Apples)?

My journey into this thing called "fall." Check back for live updates.

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Always a Groomsman, Never a Bride

Making my parents proud by clowning around in the Macy's Day Parade.

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IDEAS (a working list)

Modern Art Exhibit: A refrigerator, but covered in paint. Call it "Stainless Steel"

Entrepreneurial Endeavor: Mouthwash to completely replace teeth brushing. A few swishes in the morning and users are good to go, cavity-free

Restaurant: A haven for picky eaters, where you can order a plain sandwich without having to say "no sauce or vegetables, please"

Bar Concept: One with adequate restrooms in every corner. Hell, maybe it's a bathroom-themed bar.

~Patent pending on all of the above~