First Day of Quarantine

March 16, 2020

Today is what I’m considering the first day of quarantine, the first day I was told not to go in to work. My neighbor (who is also my coworker) and I went back into the office to grab some things to survive working from home for…who knows how long. I grabbed one of my monitors and some notes I need. She grabbed both of her monitors, not sure who was smarter here. I was mostly thinking about getting everything back into the office, limited by what I could carry back, hence why I only grabbed one monitor. Also, I set everything up in my kitchen, so space is limited anyways.

Work was frustrating. Great start to “the new normal.” Working from home is going to require a learning curve; especially since the nature of my work does not allow for video calls. As I was trying to put some dinner in the microwave and detox from this first stressful day… someone had the audacity to set the fucking fire alarm off. As we learned to do in the freshman dorms, everyone walked down the stairs and attempted to maintain this new measure of “social distancing” outside in the parking lot. In my six feet of space, I tried to take a video of the fire truck rolling up (for the ‘gram…bitches love the ‘gram) but almost got schwacked by the fire truck ladder. A rouge fire truck seems to be more dangerous to my health than coronavirus.

They let us back in 30 minutes later and I was able to eat my dinner. Here’s the kicker…. someone decided to set up a grill on their balcony and the smoke set off the fire alarm. Management had to send an email stating “part of staying safe in isolation includes not burning the building down.” The actual words from the email: “Whether it’s minimizing the spread of Covid-19 by adhering to CDC guidelines, or lowering the risk of a fire by abiding by the Association’s rules and policies, we all share in the responsibility for this community’s well-being.”

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